01/12/2014 - Books

It's not like I'm a bookworm.
However I like to pretend.
There are times when I don't even touch a book for months.
And than there are times when I can't be stopped.

Most of my books I find at a local bookstore in Kreuzberg 
(a neighborhood in Berlin were I used to live for 2 years).
It is a second-hand bookstore 
and they donate part of their earnings to a nonprofit organization in the neighborhood.

And so I buy books.
And I keep buying.
I buy more books than I read.
There are probably about 10 books in my shelf I haven't touched yet.
I just like to own them - knowing that I will read them someday

On top of my list are classics:
everything Jane Austen wrote or Charles Dickens,
To Kill a Mockingbird, The Cider House Rules

and of course Harry Potter.

One day I wish to have a library - and to have read most of the books it contains.

PS: Pictured are my parents bookshelves. They already own a library :)

1 comment:

  1. whats the store called/where is it? I'll be in Berlin next week and would love to go!

    ps. Austen yes, dickens yes, cider house rules NO (overrated) harry potter OF COURSE! --just my recommendations!